Elections 2017

As a Member-Owner, you probably don’t think about the People’s Food Co-op Board of Directors every day – or even every time you are in the store. The bylaws might never cross your mind. But those pieces are part of People’s’ backbone, and this place wouldn’t work without them.

By extension, this place wouldn’t work without you: our Member-Owners are the ones that approve our bylaws and elect fellow Member-Owners to represent them on the Board. There are exciting things at work this year: electronic voting, a revamped Elections Committee, and a Board to help lead the Co-op into the future. You get to help decide how those things take shape, and in turn how they shape our cooperative grocery store.

There is a lot more on the ballot this year than usual: the Board of Directors elections and the People's Cooperative Community Fund, of course, but also changes to our bylaws and the nominees for a revamped Elections Committee. There is a lot to read here, but if you have any questions or want to learn more, come to one of the upcoming events below or shoot an email to the Board of Directors at bod@peoples.coop.

Ballots are due by 10pm on July 15th.

Cast your vote by mail or in the store!


Board of Directors 

People’s is a democratic institution run by a Collective Management that operates the Co-op on behalf of Member-Owners. In light of this, one of the Board’s main monthly duties is to set and review governance policies that guide the Collective Management in its work. The Board also provides representative leadership for Member-Owners and seeks to engage with them throughout the year to hear feedback about People’s. This year there are three Director seats open, and five candidates. 

The Board of Directors nominees:


Elections Committee Nominees

The Elections Committee is being revived this year as a way to strengthen the democratic process of the election, diversification, and perpetuation of the Co-op’s Board of Directors. Re-establishing this committee also allows for more of our community to participate in the governance of People’s, as it is comprised of two Member-Owners, the CM’s Marketing and Membership Manager, and the Board Secretary, to start. Think of the Elections Committee as the stewards of the Board of Directors. This year there are two folks running for the two Member-Owner seats. 

The Elections Committee Nominees:


Bylaws Changes

Our bylaws are a contract between the Board of Directors and the Member-Owners that define how People's is run; that's why you have to vote on any changes to them! Right now, our bylaws are bit out of date and prevent us from doing exciting new things like online voting. Making these (and likely more) bylaws changes will help prime us to implement our long-term plan and will give us some flexibility (like if we ever wanted to change the month of the Annual Meeting) as well as clearer definition (like in the section about voting). 

People's Cooperative Community Fund Nominees

Every year, People’s Member-Owners get the chance to nominate and then choose one local non-profit to receive a $1000 donation. This money come from interest paid on loans that are distributed to other burgeoning co-ops and community organizations through the Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation.

This program is pretty neat: co-ops and organizations get support, and we get to pass more money on to a community nonprofit that we decide on together.

The nominees:

Portland Peace Choir.jpg

Portland Peace Choir

Their mission: The Portland Peace Choir strives to exemplify the principles of peace, equality, justice,  stewardship of the Earth,  unity and cooperation.  We sing music from diverse cultures and traditions to inspire peace in ourselves, our families, our communities, and the world.  The Portland Peace Choir welcomes all voices. Find out more: portlandpeacechoir.org

Out to Pasture.jpg

Out to Pasture Animal Sanctuary

What they do: Out to Pasture Sanctuary is an all-volunteer, non-profit, farm animal sanctuary. Our primary goal is the care and feeding of abused, neglected or abandoned animals including large farm animals, pigs, rabbits, chickens, cats and dogs. We promote the humane treatment of all animals and advocate for an end to factory farming through public education including leafleting, tabling at public events and newspaper articles in the Portland area. We also promote a vegan diet for reasons of compassion, health and the environment.Find out more: outtopasturesanctuary.org

Soul River

Their mission: Uplifts and strengthens communities by connecting inner city youth and veterans to the outdoors by harnessing incredible opportunities and powerful experiences that forge strong connections between youth and veterans, their communities, and the natural world. Soul River unites youth and veterans on challenging yet rewarding adventures at zero cost where they become part of something bigger than themselves, developing into strong leaders in the outdoors and their communities. Find out more:  soulriverinc.org

OPAL Environmental Justice

OPAL 1.png

What they do: At OPAL, people of color and low-income people are in charge. We’re cultivating leadership where we need it the most: among people decision-makers usually overlook. Here, individuals become members and join a growing movement for social justice through people power, strategic alliances, and campaigns. Find out more: opalpdx.org


Urban Gleaners

Their mission: Our mission is to help alleviate hunger by collecting edible, surplus food that would otherwise be thrown away and redistributing it to agencies that feed the hungry. The concept of picking up and redistributing food is a simple weapon in the fight against hunger. Hunger is less a problem of scarce resources but rather inefficient distribution.Find out more: urbangleaners.org


Healthy Democracy

Their mission: We recognize that the quality of a decision-making process is directly related to both the diversity of perspectives and the degree of deliberation that is attained. For this reason we value inclusion and deliberation. We continuously strengthen our reputation for and commitment to direct impact as we expand our suite of high quality deliberative processes. We are committed to integrity and forthrightness within our organization, through our partner relationships, and on behalf of the public through our program designs and published results. The values of fairness and respect are at the core of each of our relationships and are present in the services we design and offer the public. Find out more: healthydemocracy.org