Kombucha Basics with a Holiday Twist

Come be inspired to make your own fermented drinks, and leave with your taste buds tingling. In this class, you will learn how to give your homemade kombucha a holiday twist, using warming spices and herbs in the secondary ferment (think flavors like chai, lemon ginger, and apple cinnamon, oh my!).

In class we'll cover the basics of kombucha - what it is and where to find the ingredients to make it. Students will taste many secondary ferments of kombucha and jun (a close relative of kombucha using green tea and honey). Students will leave with a handout of kombucha brewing instructions and secondary ferment ideas, half gallon jar, and suggestions of where to find their own kombucha SCOBY.

Sliding scale donation of $8-12 suggested. 

November 20
QiGong Practice
November 21
Member-Owner Yoga