It's our store. Let's take care of it. 

People's wouldn't exist if people didn't want it to. From the very beginning, the Co-op has existed because people wanted different food, a different system, and a place to connect with folks in their community. And those folks were willing to take responsibility and do the work to make their dream of that place a reality. 

Every year when we open elections for new members of our Board of Directors, we're asking that some Member-Owners make an investment in this place and our vision for it. We're asking folks to keep that dream alive.

This year, we're electing three new directors to serve on the Board and two members of the Elections Committee. If you are passionate about our community, food systems, deep democracy and serving your community – consider running.

Find out everything you need to know about the Board of Directors and the Elections Committee by checking out the nominations packet. You can grab one in the store, or below!

Submit an Application!

The Board of Directors and Elections Committee applications are below. Please fill them out as completely as possible. The deadline for nominations packets has been extended to May 9th! Applications are also available in the store.