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Prince Charles Joins the Foodie Ranks - What do you think?

by Monicac — last modified May 05, 2011 11:56 AM

You can read the entire speech here! Even though the speech is a lot of pages, it is all double spaced AND in big font. And worth the read. Don't you think?


"Whether you think the Prince of Wales is just an ecological hypocrite or not, you have to admit his speech yesterday at the Future of Food conference at Georgetown University was inspiring. It even led some rather cynical soldiers in the sustainable/organic food campaign to offer praise."

click here to read the full article and link to the speech:

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Prince Charles Joins the Foodie Ranks - What do you think? — People's Coop

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Prince Charles Joins the Foodie Ranks - What do you think? — People's Coop


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