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Collective Management



People’s is a co-managed (aka collectively managed) workplace. Full-time workers are eligible to become a Co-manager after working at the co-op for 9 months. We call this 9-month term to become Co-managers "confirmation".

Our 30 person Co-management (CM) makes broad-scale decisions using modified consensus. The CM manages the operations of the co-op, and works to accomplish the Ends that our Board of Directors establish. This all happens while working within the parameters set by the Board in their policies. The CM approves the annual strategic plan and operating budget, written personnel policies, job descriptions, its own processes and more.

The CM has a system of self-accountability and is ultimately accountable to the Member-Ownership through our owner-elected Board of Directors.


The Collective at People’s uses consensus for full-group decision-making. The same principles we use in these settings can also be applied to teams, committees, and other small groups.

Consensus has been used as a decision-making method in many cultures during many times. Many of the consensus tools we use at People’s are a blend of traditional Quaker and “contemporary” methods. Through these processes, we hope to find the sense of the group and to come to agreement on the essence of a decision. We don’t expect to agree on every detail.

Consensus acknowledges that all participants have a piece of the truth. It encourages participants to share those truths, to listen openly to the truths of others, and to work toward decisions that reflect the whole group intention and serve its greatest good. Consensus embraces individual perspectives, while emphasizing the good of the whole.

Meet the Co-Management

(confirmed to the CM)

Sarah Barnard, Grocery and Frozen Foods Buyer, sarah at

Dusty Bloomingheart, Hands-On-Owner & Volunteer Coordinator, Storekeeper/Cashier, dusty at

Miguel Board, Technology Coordinator, miguel at

Lisa Bogar, Storekeeper, lisab at

Stephanie Buddenbaum, Bulk Buyer, stephanie at

Kim Card, Produce Keeper , kim at

Ben Clark, Produce Keeper/cashier , benc at

Virginia Currin, Storekeeper/cashier , virginia at

Karna Conyers, Storekeeper/Cashier, karna at

Kris DeMaria
Financial Coordinator/Bookkeeper, kris at

Nina Diouf, Storekeeper nina at

Cari Eisler
Non-Foods and Herbs Buyer, cari at

Shawn Furst
Development Manager, shawn at

Ryan Gray
Farmers' Market Coordinator, ryan at

Daniel Horton
Herb Buyer, Social Justice and Equity Coordinator, daniel at

Ben Magaziner, Bulk Buyer, bmagaziner at

Rachel Markley
Operations Manager, Storekeeper/Cashier, rachel at

Naga Nataka
Physical Plant Manager, Storekeeper/Cashier, naga at

Bliss Newton
Marketing & Membership Services Coordinator, bliss at

Sara Powell, Grocery Keeper,  Storekeeper/Cashier, sara at

Courtney Sahl, Storekeeper, courtney at

Padrice Stewart, Personnel Manager,  padrice at

Johanna Tomesch, Produce Buyer, johanna at

Miles Uchida, Financial Manager, miles at

Ed Vint, Producekeeper/Cashier, ed at

Kahadish Wa'adabisha kahadish at

Meet our Full-time CM-track Staff

(on track to CM confirmation)

Jenna Chen, storekeeper jenna at

Justin Dewan, storekeeper justin at

Ryan Gaughan, storekeeper ryangaughn at

Bryn Harding, design manager brynh at

Meet our Part-time, Substitute Staff

Deborah Buckley, Lyla Emery, Joe Ferguson, Amandalyn Friedland, Ariana Jacob, Rebecca Jamieson, Karen Kerschner, Annie LoPresti, Jenny Owen, Amanda Paul, Anastasia Petrie, Jessamyn Johns, and Rochelle Koivunen

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