2018 Bounty Basket Application

Bounty Baskets will be allotted on Friday, November 16th by a random number generator. You must have completed an application to be eligible for a basket. We will update this post if any baskets are still available after November 16th. As we have a limited quantity of baskets available, please assess your personal need before applying for a basket.

Only 80 baskets are available, and baskets are limited to one per household. A link to the online application is available above, and paper applications are available at the register in the store. If there are still baskets available after that Friday, Nov. 16th, the remaining baskets will be allotted first-come, first-serve based on application date and time.

Basket pick-up will be on Wednesday November 22nd from 4-7pm in the Community Room. The Community Room is located up a flight of stairs. it is accessible by elevator lift as well – just let a cashier know that you need to use it and they will help you.


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I understand that I will be notified no later than Thursday, November 16th if I am receiving a basket. *
I will notify Peoples if I am no longer needing my basket or if I am no longer able to pick it up, so another person can receive it. *
I understand that basket pickup is Wednesday, November 22nd at Peoples from 4-7pm. *