It's time for our annual elections!

Elections are your annual opportunity to directly shape the future of the Co-op and its governance. We want to make sure that you feel informed about the candidates and empowered to vote!

To get to know your fellow Member-Owners who are running for the Board of Directors and the Member Engagement Committee, read their candidate statements by clicking the “Meet the Candidates” buttons below. Come meet the candidates at the Annual Meeting of Member-Owners on May 25th from 12-3:30 pm, and at our Voting Party on June 8th from 7-9pm. If you have questions about the elections process, reach out to the Elections Committee at

At the bottom of this page, you’ll also find information about the seven local organizations that were nominated for the People’s Cooperative Community Fund. The organization that receives the most votes will get $1000 from People’s to support the great work that they are doing for the community. 

Thanks for participating in the Co-op's democratic process, and for helping to shape our path forward!

How to Vote

All Member-Owners should have received a paper ballots in the mail with your Annual Report, which can be returned by mail or dropped off in the store.You can also find extra paper ballots in the store if you can’t find yours!

Owners can opt to vote online instead of via paper ballots. All owners that have a valid email address on file with the Co-op have received an invitation to vote securely via our online elections administrator, Simply Voting. If you submit both an online and a paper ballot, the online ballot will take precedence. If you think that we might not have your current email address, please email the Elections Committee at to update your address.

Ballots are due by 10pm on June 8th.

Cast your vote online, by mail or in the store!

Board of Directors 

People’s is a democratic institution run by a Collective Management that operates the Co-op on behalf of Member-Owners. In light of this, one of the Board’s main monthly duties is to set and review governance policies that guide the Collective Management in its work. The Board also provides representative leadership for Member-Owners and seeks to engage with them throughout the year to hear feedback about People’s. This year there are three Director seats open and three candidates. Two of these directors will serve a three-year terms and one will serve a two-year term. 

The Board of Directors nominees:

Member Engagement Committee

Think of the Member Engagement Committee as the link between the Board of Directors and the rest of the Member-Ownership: planning and hosting events, running the elections, and creating new programs that connect and serve our diverse community. The committee is made up of Board members, Member-Owners, and staff working together to increase connection and communication to make the Co-op stronger.

We have two open seats on the Member Engagement Committee, and only one candidate! If you are interested in joining the Member Engagement Committee or learning more about it, get in touch with the Elections Committee at In the meantime, you can vote for up to one candidate.

The Member Engagement Committee Candidate:


People's Cooperative Community Fund Nominees

Every year, People’s Member-Owners get the chance to nominate and then choose one local non-profit to receive a $1000 donation. This money come from interest paid on loans that are distributed to other burgeoning co-ops and community organizations through the Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation.

This program is pretty neat: co-ops and organizations get support, and we get to pass more money on to a community nonprofit that we decide on together.

The nominees:


Johnson Creek Watershed Council

The Johnson Creek Watershed Council was established in 1995 by community members committed to restoring Johnson Creek, a vibrant creek with many challenges. Our mission is to promote restoration and stewardship of a healthy Johnson Creek Watershed through sound science and community engagement. Learn more at

Soul River

We are a nonprofit 501c3 focused on bringing veterans as mentors and inner city youth together into the wild rivers of nature inspiring the youth by becoming a guardian, teacher or role model as an act of service into the outdoors. The hope is that it encourages youth participants to grow and become ambassadors of our natural environment. Learn more about Soul River at

Green Lents’ Lents Strong! Housing Team

green lents.png

Lents Strong! Housing Team is a grassroots, volunteer team made up of people from Lents and nearby-neighborhoods who are concerned about the rapid gentrification and displacement of neighbors in outer-Southeast Portland. We are composed of people who are the most impacted by unaffordable housing in Portland. Since early 2018, Lents Strong! Housing Team has been working hard to ensure transparent, accountable development with urban renewal monies; pursue city action on anti-displacement policies; and respond compassionately to the houselessness crisis in Lents. Learn more at

new day.png

New Day School

New Day School’s vision is a place where an imaginative and dynamic environment brings to life the principles of Neo-Humanistic Education. Our mission is to create a learning environment and curriculum which provides for the education of body, mind, and spirit. Neo-Humanistic Education unveils the innate greatness within each individual, strengthens the foundation of ethics, and inspires benevolent action in the world. Learn more about the New Day School at


Mudbone Grown

Mudbone Grown is a black-owned farm enterprise that promotes inter-generational community-based farming that creates measurable and sustainable environmental, social, cultural, and economic impacts in communities. Mudbone Grown's work helps to develop and implement workplace-based educational experiences to help teens, young adults, and low-income communities develop marketable careers, education skills that help build and sustain community capacity and place them in local jobs. Learn more at

nana cardoon.jpg

Foodways at Nana Cardoon

Nana Cardoon’s goal is to empower all to grow food and community by sharing knowledge, experience, and discoveries that draw upon farming traditions and cultural heritage. It is an urban farm and learning center located on the northern edge of Oregon’s fertile Willamette Valley. Nana Cardoon offers a rich learning experience through hands-on projects, lively discussions, informative presentations, and tours throughout the farm. Learn more at


People’s SNAP Match Program

People’s SNAP Match program provides up to $5 per person per week in matching funds for folks using an EBT card at the market. Matching funds can be spent on any EBT eligible foods every week, all year long. Find out more on the People's website