Our Board works to develop and deepen the Co-op's Ends through community engagement with our Member-Owners and broader communities.

Because People's is a co-op, any interested, dedicated Member-Owner (including you!) may run for our Board of Directors. The Board ensures that the Co-op is run in a legal and financially sustainable way by the Collective Management. In these ways, they make certain that People's will support the needs of our Member-Owners and broader communities for years to come.

The Board of Directors and Collective Management Links in the spring of 2018.

The Board of Directors and Collective Management Links in the spring of 2018.

Your Voice is Welcome Here

Your Board wants to hear from you! Connect with them by:

  1. Sending them an email. The best way to reach our Board immediately is to send an email to our Chair, Naoki Yoneyama.

  2. Attending a Board meeting. The Board meets every fourth Tuesday from 6-8:30 pm in People's Community Room. Come 15 minutes early to join us for dinner. Every meeting provides an opportunity for our Member-Owners to speak directly to the whole Board at 6:10pm, for up to 10 minutes.

  3. Talking to them in the store. You might see them wearing their special Board t-shirt or nametag. Say hello!

  4. Reviewing past Board agendas and minutes. You can find the agenda for the next meeting posted in front of the store to the right of the main doors. You can access prior Board meeting minutes and agendas online at the bottom of this page.

Thoughts or Questions?

If you'd like to know more, please contact Board President Naoki Yoneyama at naoki.yoneyama@peoples.coop or Collective Management Link to the Board, Kahadish Wa’Adabisha, at cmlink@peoples.coop.

To request Co-op information from the Board, please fill out our Member-Owner Request for Information by clicking the button below. 

Board Agenda & Minutes

The next Board meeting is Tuesday, July 23, in the Community Room from 6-8:30pm. Join us for a free dinner at 5:30pm. The agenda for the upcoming meeting will be posted outside the front door of the co-op, as well as below, when it becomes available, at least 1 week before the meeting. 

Below is a calendar of topics that we expect to come to Board meetings throughout the year. The actual timing may vary! Check the current agenda to verify meeting topics.

BOARD Meeting agendas & Minutes

July 2019

June 2019

May 2019

April 2019

March 2019

February 2019

January 2019

December 2018

November 2018

October 2018

September 2018

August 2018

July 2018

June 2018

May 2018

April 2018

March 2018

February 2018

January 2018

Nominations & member engagement committee (nmec) Meeting AGENDAS & Minutes

July 2019

June 2019

May 2019