Member Engagement Committee Candidate

The Member Engagement Committee is made up of Board members, Co-op staff, and elected Member-Owners. Their purpose is to strengthen the connection between the Member-Owners and the Board of Directors by planning events and activities, supporting the Board in outreach efforts, and managing the annual elections.

An ideal Member Engagement Committee candidate would:

  • Be interested in engaging with the Co-op’s democratic structure, especially learning more about the Board’s role and function.

  • Have energy for planning and managing diverse events that appeal to the breadth of the Co-op’s member-ownership.

  • Be willing to talk to Member-Owners, get to know them, and encourage them to run for the Board when appropriate.

  • Have the capacity to attend Member Engagement Committee meetings and contribute to work over email.


Rod Endacott

I love working with people who have vision and who realizes how critical time is. I have a passion for doing things differently, that the natural world again be our home. It has been my experience that People’s Food Co-op is a hub for my kind of people - people who are sensitive to their place here on earth. Portland desperately needs this hub . . . without it it is just business as usual until we all are consumed by global warming.

My approach to living is based on caring. Working for many years on farms and tending to animals, this quality translated into doing things different from standard commercial ways. For instance when I ran a dairy, calves stayed with their mothers, old milkers got to die naturally, and all had access to pasture. Loving care . . . this is how I see it should be, especially around food.

I am a little familiar with the roles at People’s - the Board and Collective Management. I like the system and I believe it can work. The “oil” of caring is a quality I bring. As I see it, a big way care gets translated is through words. I see communication as a forgotten art. Sharing caring words - written, spoken, digital, paint, ink . . .. As a member of the engagement committee I will be active in spreading lots of care and words.

Besides 20 years of natural farming I ran a successful landscape company, Enchant Landscapes, for 25 years in a very tough market. In more recent years I attended Marylhurst University, enrolled in an amazing Interdisciplinary Studies program, who’s required reading was “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” (Praxis: the practical application of the theory of revolution). As a white male who is aware of his unjust history (my mother was a good teacher), I am particularly mindful of being an ally for women.

I have been working towards this time and place. People’s Food Co-op is a concept that must flourish. I will do my darnedest to make sure it does.


Ballots are due by 10pm on June 8th.

Cast your vote online, by mail or in the store!