Become a Member-Owner

When you join the Co-op, you become part owner of our unique, values-driven business, with over 10,000 other Member-Owners. Your investment builds equity for the Co-op and helps us stay on solid financial ground. A full share in the co-op is $180, and is good for life. You can choose to split this up into payments of at least $30 a year. 

As a Member-Owner of People’s Food Co-op you are entitled to certain benefits. First and most importantly, you benefit from the knowledge that you are a co-owner and supporter of an independent, community-owned business that supports the local economy, ethical purchasing, and human cooperation. 

Additionally, you and your household have access to the following:

Special Promotions and Discounts

Member-Owners receive discounts and coupons, sales and event notifications, discounts for Community Room rental, quarterly newsletters and an annual report sent to your home address.

Hands-On Owner Program

This program allows you to lend a hand in the store and receive a discount up to 15% off your regular purchases as thanks.

Free Yoga Classes

Professional instructors give classes throughout the week. See the Community Room calendar for the schedule.

Patronage Dividend

When you shop, you earn patronage points, the more you spend, the more patronage points you earn.  Your patronage points are linked with your Member-Owner number.  If the co-op makes a profit, you will receive a percentage of what you spent at the co-op as a Patronage Dividend.  Yearly, People’s Board of Directors determines how much of the co-op’s profits should be retained for the good of the co-op, and how much to distribute to shareholders.

Democratic Voice

As a PeopleShare holder, you can run for our Board of Directors, and vote in our annual election process. Only the primary shareholder can participate in People’s democratic process. This is the only benefit not available to your entire household.