We are hiring for three different positions!

Substitute Staff

Marketing and Member Services Manager (M&M)

please note: the M&M position has multiple job descriptions, including that of Storekeeper and Collective Manager. Please review these prior to applying for those positions.

Copies of job descriptions are in the application packets below and are also available in the paper application packet that you can pick up in the store. Thanks! 

Substitute Staff

Substitutes are responsible for a mixture of tasks according to what shift or department they are covering:  storekeeping, stocking, produce, etc., and great customer service across all areas.  We’ve included the Storekeeper and Producekeeper job descriptions in this packet as example of the kind of work that Subs cover.

The Substitute Staff position is an on-call, flexible position that is not a collective management position.

Sub App packet .doc

Sub App packet .pdf

Marketing and Member Services Manager

The Marketing and Member Services Manager promotes and represents People’s Food Co-op; cultivates and encourages an engaged and informed Member-Ownership and customer base through in-store, print and online channels with targeted and engaging content and messaging; supports the co-op in meeting sales and Membership goals and fosters diverse community gatherings that link People's to a wider community. This is a collective management position.

M&M app packet .doc

M&M app packet .pdf

Collective Management

People's is democratically and radically run workplace.  The management is a 30 person collective!  As a collective, we manage the Co-op in service to People’s Member-Owners and in-line with the goals established by their elected stewards, the Board of Directors. In addition, the Co-op and Collective are committed to fostering human rights, social and economic justice in our community and workplace.  Making a commitment to People’s Co-management requires hard-work, personal growth, dedication, courage, compassion and flexibility. Every collective manager is responsible for providing prompt, comprehensive and welcoming customer service.

Compensation and Benefits

The compensation package is: $14.75/hr to start for every position, a human scale and empowered workplace, 19% discount on purchases at the Co-op, medical and dental insurance (including access to naturopathy and acupuncture) for staff who are scheduled for 28 hours per week or more, Staff Benefits Exchange Program (reduced rate services from participating wellness practitioners & bike mechanics), paid time off, and annual raises.

How to submit your application

You must complete an application in order to be considered for an interview. You may submit your application via email to hiring@peoples.coop, mail it to us at 3029 SE 21st Ave, Portland, OR 97202 or you can drop it off at the store.   Feel free to include your resume and cover letter, but note that neither will be considered without a completed application packet.

We encourage you to retain job descriptions for your reference.

What to expect

These positions are currently open; please apply as soon as possible. You must complete an application in order to be considered for an interview. Job postings will be removed from our front doors and our website once we are no longer accepting applications.

We will be reviewing applications and conducting interviews on an ongoing basis as we receive them. We will contact you to schedule the initial phone interview if your application is selected. 

We are an equitable opportunity workplace~We encourage women, people of color, gender variant, trans people and people who speak english secondarily to apply to work here with us.  Please apply!

Looking forward to hearing from you!  Thank you!