We are hiring!

Physical Plant Manager

The Physical Plant Manager is responsible for maintaining and developing the indoor and outdoor spaces of the co-op using sustainable building and maintenance practices and ensuring that all equipment is in good working order and that the co-op is clean and safe.  This is a Collective Management track position.  The Physical Plant Manager also fulfills some shifts as a Storekeeper on the retail floor.

Applications are due no later than Tuesday June 5 at 10 am

phys plant manager application packet .doc

phys plant manager application packet .pdf

Collective Management

People's is democratically and radically run workplace.  The management is a 30 person collective!  As a collective, we manage the Co-op in service to People’s Member-Owners and in-line with the goals established by their elected stewards, the Board of Directors. In addition, the Co-op and Collective are committed to fostering human rights, social and economic justice in our community and workplace.  Making a commitment to People’s Co-management requires hard-work, personal growth, dedication, courage, compassion and flexibility. 

Compensation and Benefits

The compensation package is: $14.00/hr to start for every position, a human scale and empowered workplace, 19% discount on purchases at the Co-op, medical and dental insurance (including access to naturopathy and acupuncture), Staff Benefits Exchange Program (reduced rate services from participating wellness practitioners & bike mechanics), paid personal time off, and annual raises.

How to submit your application

You must complete an application in order to be considered for an interview. You may submit your application via email to hiring@peoples.coop, or, you can drop it off at the store. Feel free to include your resume and cover letter, but note that neither will be considered without a completed application packet.

We encourage you to retain job descriptions for your reference.

What to expect

We will be reviewing applications and conducting interviews for two to three weeks following the application deadline. We will make an initial round of phone interviews with selected applicants, and then the Hiring Committee will conduct face-to-face interviews with the remaining pool of applicants.

We generally receive a large number of applications when we have openings and are therefore unable to contact each applicant personally to follow up. We will, however, make a strong effort to call those candidates who have had a phone interview once our decision has been reached.

We are an equitable opportunity workplace~We encourage women, people of color, gender variant, trans people and people who speak english secondarily to apply to work here with us.  Please apply!

looking forward to hearing from you!  thank you!