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Dive Deeper into Yoga: Backbends, Inversions, Chakras/Pranayama

Join Sonya Wilder for a 3-part yoga workshop on backbends, inversions, and chakras/pranayama.

The 1st workshop is on backbends: In this workshop students will learn the fundamental proper alignment techniques to incorporate into a variety of back bending postures.  We will go through a sequence of postures that warm up the body initially using elements of Sun Salutation poses with emphasis on Cobra Pose to help create front body stretches and become more comfortable opening up the heart. Then using a creative flow sequence we move toward deeper back bending postures (i.e. Locust, Camel, Bow, and Bridge) to invigorate the back followed by seated and supine twists. We will finish with a restorative savasana with a sound healing from Sonya.

The 2nd workshop is on inversions: The inverted postures of yoga are some of the most beneficial yet intimidating of the asanas. You will be introduced to and practice postures such as headstand, forearm stand, handstand, and more. 
Inversions are a natural anti-depressant, they lift the mood, create a sense of well-being, and benefit the circulatory system-keeping the heart and lungs healthy (similar effects of doing aerobic exercise). Inversions also strengthen the immune system, help with varicose veins and edema, regulate metabolism, regulate the thyroid, and help with memory. This workshop consists of heat building physical practices, focusing on building strength in the core and upper body. You will learn to gracefully go upside down in a playful, controlled and focused manner. We will finish with a restorative savasana with a sound healing from Sonya.

3rd workshop is on chakras and pranayama: The 7 chakras in the body will be focused on in this workshop. We will practice the sounds, colors, and movements that open these 7 energy centers. We will explore and practice different pranayama (breathing) techniques to open the energy channels, calm the nervous system, and nourish the body with prana (life force). We will finish with a restorative savasana with a sound healing from Sonya. 

Sonya Wilder is a 200 hour RYT. She graduated from the Yoga Union Teacher Training program in June 2012. Her teaching styles include Alignment based Vinyasa flow, aroma yoga, core, yin and classic hatha. Her classes are dynamic, empowering, grounding and fun, with an emphasis on pranayama and the practice of feeling the body. Sonya is a practicing Intuitive/Empathic Healer, and she adds energy work to her classes. She teaches students to listen within their hearts to hear their truth and heal themselves. 

Cost is $30 per class, or $85 for all 3 classes. Students may attend 1 class, but registering for all 3 is preferred. Please pre-register with Sonya:

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