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Herbs for the Healing Body: Wounds and Pain Management

This presentation includes information on everyday wound healing (cuts, burns, rashes, etc.) and pain relieving herbs for every occasion. Definitions and descriptions for easy to obtain herbs and how to go about using them will be provided. We will discuss how to use salves, oils, compresses, teas, and more as forms of make-it-at-home herbal medicine. Many herbs will be on display to connect and acquaint participants with the herbs and forms of herbal medicine available.  Class is $10 payable to the instructor.  Click here or call People's to register. 

Taught by Willow Aevery of The Raven Heart School

I have been studying and practicing natural health and healing methods as a lifelong journey, in response to my own need to seek physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. Learning ancient, yet timeless forms of natural medicine, has been a powerful adventure into hidden realms which exist everywhere and are available anytime if one simply knows where to look. As individuals, we hold the right to take control of our own states of health; using affordable, accessible, safe, and gentle natural healing methods. Learning about the true powers within our body, mind, and Earth is the first step in connecting with states of health and healing. It is my wish to share what I have learned and open others to the possibilities and potency of natural, plant-based, and earth-centered medicine.

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