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Tsukemono: A Rough Guide to the Fermented Flavors of Japan

Students of Japanese cuisine are often introduced to it through the perfected & distilled trifecta of rice, miso soup, and pickles. The first two ingredients provide a plain, starchy base, and an umami-rich enhancement for it. The pickles (collectively known as tsukemono) are meant to be eaten in small bites and serve as a sort of reset for the palate, cleansing it between bites of other ingredients of the meal. Rice bran, miso, sake lees, tamari, koji & sea salt, plus time often serve as mediums for achieving a host of various flavors that make up the world of tsukemono.

On October 21st, Fumiko Hozumi & Jason Duffany of Farmers’ Market staple Obon will serve as guides in your journey to unlock the mysteries of this ancient Japanese tradition. They'll be performing an informative show & tell, with basic how-tos presenting tastes of everything they've brined & pickled since last year's harvest. Payment will be accepted on a sliding scale, between $30-$60 -- subsidized tickets are available!


Event photo by Gavin Anderson.

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