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Inner Resources: Tapping into Personal Power, Creativity, and Awareness for Action and Agency

In this 2 part lab we will explore the intersection of personal experience and the societal expectations that are placed upon us. We will focus on recognizing and accessing our personal power, while navigating the social and cultural complexities of being female identified. 

The first portion will explore what we refer to as life myth; a map outlining patterns, themes, and the larger arch of an individual’s life path. Working with life myth allows new meaning to emerge from difficult situations, and supports us to rediscover a deeper vision and sense of purpose behind our actions and experiences. 

In the second portion we will deepen our exploration of narrative and identity: How do the narratives we are given shape our role and engagement with the world? How can we shift these narratives to discover new ways of relating and engaging? We will work with criticism, both internal and external, to discover and reclaim the power behind the critics message, to channel it in a direction that is useful to us. Our training will explore power dynamics, boundaries, body language, and methods for staying close to ourselves and inner power amidst challenging times. We will focus on anchoring our innate capacity to stand in our authentic power, and cultivate our ability to access ease in turbulent moments.

This workshop is for activists, business owners, learners and anybody interested accessing their inner power! Sliding scale, $15-25 entry fee.

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