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Fermenting with Koji

Koji, the common name for the fungus Aspergillus oryzae, is integral to making many popular east-Asian delicacies. It’s first mention in Chinese literature dates back to 300BC, making it a grandmother of ferments. Soy sauce, miso, and sake are all made using koji! It is grown on various substrates consisting of cooked grains & legumes (traditionally barley, rice or soy) each lending their own unique flavor to the finished product. There are some tricks to keeping it’s temperature & humidity in the correct range during its 48-60 hours of incubation, but nothing that can’t be readily accomplished in a modern home kitchen. Join Jason Duffany, co-founder of the Japanese food catering company Obon, for a hands-on talk & demo about the many uses & health benefits of this mysterious (but delectable) mold. $35-$65 sliding scale. Open to all.

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