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Cooking With Natto

Is the Japanese superfood natto a part of your diet yet? This traditionally soybean ferment is often described as an “acquired taste,” however Heidi Nestler of Wanpaku Natto wants to challenge this assumption. In her 12 years making and demo’ing natto, Heidi has found that people are open to the taste of natto- and many come to crave it. A lot has to do with preparation and in this class, Heidi will teach classic and simple ways to prepare natto, as well as new and unexpected preparations. Taste test different aged nattos and find your preferred level of funk. We will also sample some non-soy nattos and learn how to make natto from scratch. Heidi will serve a healthy red shiso and apple cider vinegar drink. All food and drink are gluten-free.

Sliding scale $15-30, Registration required.

We are committed to making our classes accessible to folks of all income levels and financial situations while ensuring that our instructors are compensated fairly for their time, effort, expertise, and materials. If this class is interesting or useful to you but you can't swing the fee, please be in touch with us and we'll work something out. You can email for scholarship inquiries.

The Community Room is located on the 2nd floor up a flight of stairs. It is also accessible by elevator lift--just let a cashier know you need to use it and they will help you!

About Heidi:

Heidi’s interest in traditional foods began 27 years ago when she moved to rural Japan and was captivated by the array of fermented foods she encountered there. She learned Japanese cooking mainly from the women around her and also through trying everything and developing a palate for the new flavors. Upon returning to the United States, Heidi began in earnest to study world traditions of fermentation through workshops and a residency with Sandor Katz. Heidi has been involved with the Portland Fermentation Festival since its inception, where she shares her natto and rice bran pickles. As part of her deep commitment to all people having access to nutrient dense foods, Heidi coordinates nutritional programing and teaches cooking classes at Quest Center for Integrative Health. She is also a personal chef and the owner of Wanpaku Natto.

Later Event: October 13
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