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Creating a Cooperative Future

This event is specifically for any community members who identify as people of color, indigenous, people with disabilities, folks low incomes, queer, trans, and gender non-conforming folks, femmes and women. As a food cooperative situated in white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism and European colonization, these and other voices typically marginalized by oppressive systems are central to the developing community nourishment that People’s Co-op works to be.

Gather with food and community to discuss the Co-op’s potential future projects, and what feels exciting, needed, inspiring, and important in what the Co-op’s future can look like. The Long-term Planning Committee will share information about potential projects, followed by large- and small-group conversations and some opportunity for independent and collaborative writing. Input from this session will help shape the Long-term Planning Committee’s work toward a just and nourishing future for our co-op community.

Dinner will be served with gluten-free and vegan options.

Children are welcome, and childcare is available upon request. Please email if you’d like to arrange for childcare.

There will be a community forum that is open to all 6-8pm Sunday, June 3rd.

The Community Room is located on the second floor of the Co-op. There is an internal staircase by the Exit sign, and a lift located outside the Co-op. A staff member has the key to the lift and will show you where to enter and exit. Wheelchair accessible bathrooms are available both downstairs and upstairs. Seating is on folding chairs with some padding, or on the floor with blankets or yoga blocks. If you have additional accessibility needs or questions, please email

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