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Building a Culture of Consent

Building a culture of consent is an essential piece to the full expression of our sensuality and sexuality, which is innate to our human experience. The transition between what has been the norm to creating new norms of consent can be messy, awkward, uncomfortable, challenging, and at times, scary. Yet, our ability to honor and encourage boundaries while creating space for exploration and discovery holds the key to unlocking our full expression and sexual self-respect. 

Consent is hot and juicy! Sex is natural, beautiful, and sacred. The more we engage, the more comfortable we get. As the new norms take root in us, they will grow in our culture to create greater beauty, connection, and fulfilled desire.

In this 3-hour workshop:
~*~ Learn foundations and tools for consensual intimacy
~*~ Engage in a practicum to apply what you learn

Together we will create a held, confidential container for our tender places, courageous strength, and fallible humanity.

By donation, no one turned away…

You must register to participate. Space is limited.
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**** An important note about this specific workshop ****
Due to the nature of my work with Speaking the Unspeakable, I have largely held back on video recordings and even still photography to create the most open space possible for people to share candidly and openly. The time has come that I need video and still photographs for the promotion of my work. Thus, I am offering this consent workshop by donation, no one turned away to express my gratitude to participants who are willing to be filmed and photographed and during the workshop. 
With that, your attendance and participation serves as your consent to be photographed and filmed (and there will be an official release form to sign at the event).
Thank you for your support!

~*~ Brave Space Policy ~*~
The integrity of the space we co-create together is the foundation of our ability to feel supported in being open to our truth, courageous in our vulnerability, and willing to engage our edges as we build a culture of consent. The uncomfortable truth is that no one can guarantee a safe space. We can, and will, do our best to ensure an integrous container is held. This will be a Brave Space. You are called to show up in your greatest courage, outspoken truth, and curious uncertainties. Mistakes may happen in the course of our time together, and they will be treated as learning opportunities. Violations of consent that go beyond well-intentioned, honest mistakes will be promptly addressed.

It is important to keep in mind that each individual is a unique compilation of their life experiences. Many people carry the imprint of trauma in their biology and thus have a higher need for clear consensual practices. What feels safe and easy for one person, may be terrifying and triggering for another. Everyone must hold a high degree of awareness and presence to co-create a juicy container where we can all explore and play.

A note on comfort, discomfort, and our willingness to engage: 
Whenever we are faced with something that is uncertain, unknown, or difficult, it invokes discomfort. This is natural. If we are sticking to what is comfortable in life, there is no growth. We must be brave to speak the truth of our experiences, to express our fears, needs, and desires. When we engage our edges with care, curiosity, and courage, we will indeed rewrite the old way of rape culture to the new way of consent culture. 

Facilitated by Amanda Rain…

Amanda founded Speaking the Unspeakable® to inspire the courage to meet our challenges and empower our lives through effective communication. Her unique blend of rhetorical studies, speech communication, debate, activism, political advocacy, and dynamic life experience, weaves together a potent journey of personal growth and essential skill sharing. Her voice offers hope for the spirit and medicine for the soul.

Amanda’s path to consent has been a lifelong journey, going back more than 20 years when she first expressed wanting to be asked before being kissed. She has previously organized with Portland communities grappling with violations of consent and sexual assault. She is passionate about the integrity of this work and the care of people who come with open hearts to re-envision how we experience intimacy and sex.

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