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Consent: Race, Gender, and Class

We typically talk about consent as if it is accessible to everyone in the same way, without discussing the ways that institutional power structures affect a person’s ability to consent. This workshop will be focused on unpacking the differences between positionality, social locations, and intersectionality, acknowledging the power dynamics in all environments, and how consent or permission is different -and often more difficult- for those of different racial backgrounds, bodies, or abilities.

Join Touk Keo (Founder of the Radical Meditation for BIPOC and Healer) and Jess DeVries (Sex and Intimacy Coach) to take a closer look at consent and systemic power including:

Individually and collectively unpacking our positionality (the idea that personal values, views, and location in time and space influence how one understands the world) and our social location (defined by our gender, race, social class, age, ability, religion, sexual orientation, and geographic location).

Asking the questions:

-How does understanding our positionality and social location change the way we relate to friends, partners, co-workers, institutions?
-How do you feel like a person's identities impact their ability to give permission or consent?
-How does needing to create personal safety change our relationship to consent?
-If our ability to fully consent is hindered in any way because of our social location how do we honor our autonomy?

This workshop will provide space identify our positionality, while looking at how we have, or have not, been able to access consent in various spheres in our lives, and how to build agency and autonomy from where we are.

General Information:
Date: Saturday, March 2nd
Time: 2:00pm - 4:30pm
Location: People's Food Coop - 3029 SE 21st Ave
Portland, OR 97202
Accessibility: The community room at the coop has a lift for accessibility. It is close to TriMet Lines 2 and 9.
Cost: $10-$30 Sliding Scale

SPACE IS LIMITED. To reserve your spot please use the following link: - please add your first and last name and the class name to the note when you send it in.

Please contact Beloved Coaching with any questions regarding this workshop.

Touk Keo is the founder of the Radical Meditation for BIPOC and a healer. They work with private clients decolonization, origin story work, and flower and gem essence consultation.

Jess DeVries is a Somatic Sex and Intimacy Coach trained in the Somatica Method. She partners with individuals interested in deepening their level of connection within their intimate relationships, expanding their erotic know-how, and having a greater understanding of their body, their needs, and their desires.

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