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Sovereign Space: The Art of Practicing Boundaries

The topic of boundaries spans the physical to the ethereal and, at its full depth of understanding, may reveal the deepest truths of our universe. However theoretical explorations into this topic may or may not prove useful in navigating the wild landscape of a human life. This workshop will focus on determining what strategies are useful for navigating everyday life. We will explore practical tools and embodied states of being that contribute to developing healthy boundaries.

How we define what our boundaries are is a highly personal and ever-evolving process that is essential to understanding who we are and allowing that uniqueness of our Being to shine brightly inside and out. Deepening into our personal path with boundaries:

  • strengthens our capacity to locate and follow our inner compass

  • is essential for self-love and self-empowerment (which translates to authentic love and compassion for others)

  • is the foundation of genuine pleasure and joy

  • creates the fertile ground for discovery of our role within human environments and our ecosystem as a whole

Beyond these shared places of growth, each of us will uniquely discover what specific healings this work can offer us, our family lines, and our communities. The possibilities are as unique and infinite as we each are.

In this workshop, we will experiment with techniques that allow us to get clear on where our boundaries lie in the moment, and what inner resources and sensations inform these boundaries. We will also play with strategies that assist us in grounding, clearing, and centering for instances where boundaries have been crossed, as well as translating ‘in the moment information’ about boundaries into appropriate action.

You may wish to bring supplies to take notes as well as anything you need to be comfortable for a handful of stationary exercises. Clothing that supports easeful movement is also recommended for movement exercises.

To respect the space and timing of the workshop, there will only be a short window of flexibility to allow attendees to arrive and get settled, after which the doors will be closed to any further entries.

About the Facilitator

Sarah Wilson is a practitioner of embodiment-based healing arts. Sarah is passionate about creating safe spaces that support the exploration and sharing of effective practices for self-love and self-empowerment. On her personal journey she has found practices that focus on healthy boundaries to be profoundly empowering. As a sensitive and intuitive person, she describes her life journey as being “seemingly designed” to teach her about this vast subject. She is also a scientist by nature and by training, with a doctoral degree in Neurobiology. She has applied her natural talents of keen observation, the courage to experiment, and loving intuition to develop a series of practices and explorations into the living art of boundaries. She sees her workshops as an opportunity to share her passion and to provide a platform and community for us all to find inspiration and support from each other on our own unique journeys.

People's Food Coop is committed to making our classes accessible to folks of all income levels and financial situations, while ensuring that our instructors are compensated fairly for their time, effort, expertise, and materials. If this class is interesting or useful to you but you can't swing the fee, please be in touch with us and we'll work something out. You can email for scholarship inquiries.

The Community Room is located on the 2nd floor up a flight of stairs. It is also accessible by elevator lift--just let a staff member know you need to use it and they will help you!

Addressing Accessibility

This workshop recognizes the necessity of inclusivity and diversity in making healthy communities as well as the systemic oppression that prevents spaces like this one from being inclusive to many of us, especially our BIPOC, LGBTQIA2S+, and disabled communities. With a deep desire to see these communities be represented in this space, our facilitator invites all members of these communities to use the Sliding Scale 1 option. This invitation represents a tangible, yet imperfect, gesture to encourage inclusivity here and although coming in the form of a monetary discount, seeks to address the aforementioned systemic oppression as a separate issue than the class disparities addressed by sliding scales and scholarships.

This is a humble and admittedly imperfect attempt to begin to address the noticeable lack of diversity and richness often present in workshop spaces. The issues that are encompassed by these imbalances represent some of the deepest wounds of our species. Discussions on more ideal approaches are ongoing and ever evolving as more voices are heard.

Please reserve your space online. Sliding scale contributions start at $15. Space limited to 20 people on a first-come, first-serve basis.