Q: What do I get for being a Member-Owner?

A:  We like to think of becoming a Member-Owner of People’s as an investment in our community resource. By investing in the co-op, you gain a community of like-minded food enthusiasts, a meeting place, access to healthful foods you can trust, and a voice in the future of your co-op.  Becoming a Member-Owner means you believe in the work we are doing and want to support us. Other benefits include: free yoga and movement classes in the Community Room, discounted Community Room rental rates, special Member-Owner discount coupons and Grass/Roots Newsletters mailed directly to your home, and the ability to get involved as a Hands On Owner or run for the Board of Directors.  

Q: How much does it cost to become a Member-Owner?

A:  A full PeopleShare is $180 and is good for life. Most people choose to split this up into payments of $30 per year for 6 years or $60 per year for 3 years.  By investing in the co-op, we are building equity and good financial health for our co-op. Your PeopleShare is fully refundable at any time, minus a $15 processing fee. If you fall behind on your payments you are not eligible to receive the benefits of being a Member-Owner, like special discounts or free yoga. We will send you a postcard to remind you to re-invest in your share. 

Q:  Does this membership work at the other co-ops in town? Like Food Front and Alberta Co-op?

A:   Unfortunately, the three Portland co-ops do not have an integrated membership system. We are all friends, are each owned by our communities, and often work together, but being a Member-Owner at People’s does not mean you are a Member-Owner at Food Front or Alberta co-ops.  You can still tell us if you are a Member-Owner of a different co-op, we keep track of how many other co-op Member-Owners shop here. 


Q:  Do I have to be a Member-Owner to shop here?

A: Absolutely not!  People’s is open to all and everyone is welcome. 


Q: I just moved, how do I update my address?

A: You can update your address with any cashier, or update your address online.


Q: Does my partner have to get a membership too?

A: No, your PeopleShare is a household share.  Anyone who lives in your house can share one PeopleShare and the benefits that go with it.