Become a Hands-On-Owner.

How it Works

The majority of shifts are limited to the same person per household attending the shift each week. Weekly shifts are 3 hours long and in the same department each week. For the majority of time slots on the schedule, one HOO is scheduled for each department. Because of the training and learning curve of starting a new position, we hope that you are able to continue on a shift for 3 months or more.


Based on the hours worked the previous month, HOO's earn a month long shopping discount:

  • 12 hours is 15%

  • 8 hours is 10%

  • 4 hours is 5% 

Most HOO's work the same 3 hour shift each week, adding up to 12 hours per month. 

HOO Positions 

In addition to having regular shifts, HOO’s sometimes do intermittent or onetime projects in office work, maintenance, late night deep cleaning, pick ups, and working at co-op events. Possible HOO shifts are listed below, though if you have professional skill that you could share with the co-op, please let us know in your application.


Produce HOO's are primarily tasked with stocking, rotating, and culling the produce. Opening and closing shifts include other jobs, such as moving outdoor displays in all weather and setting up or taking down produce displays. Produce shifts require the ability to life 50 pounds multiple times during a shift. Shifts include: 6:30am to 9:30am, 9am to 12pm, 6:00 pm to 9:00pm.


There are two types of floor-keeper HOO's: doing open tasks from 7:30am to 10:30am, and helping to close the store from 7:30pm to 10:30pm. Opening floor-keeper HOO's set out the store supplies like scoops and tongs, make coffee, check the expiration dates of perishable items, and stock grocery products. Depending on the day of the week, they may also stock baked goods. 

Closing floor-keeper HOO's wash store supplies, break down boxes, sweep, take out garbage, mop, and help with other closing tasks. They also face the products on the grocery shelves. 


HOO shifts in the herb department focus on rotating and stocking herbs. Shifts are in the evening from 5pm to 8pm. 

Fixture Cleaning

These shifts include moving products on and off of the grocery shelves, and then cleaning the shelves. These shifts take place in three hour blocks from 6am to 10am and 7pm to 10pm. 


Non-foods HOO's receive, price, and stock non-food items in the non-foods area. Shifts are from 10 to 1pm.

Bulk Stocking

Bulk stocking HOO's are charged with rotating and stocking the bulk department. They also sometimes include cleaning bins. Bulk shifts require the ability to life 50 pounds multiple times during a shift. Possible shifts include 7am to 10am, 4pm to 7pm, and 10am to 1pm. 

Grocery Receiving, Stocking, And Cleaning

These HOO's receive and stock the grocery, perishable, alcohol, and dairy departments. May include washing grocery surfaces and products. These shifts likely include spending time in the walk-in refrigerator. Shift include Tuesday and Friday from 9:30am to 12:30pm; Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 12pm to 3pm; and Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 11am to 2pm.


Cleaning HOO's help keep the store clean by focusing on a designated area of the store and washing out store garbage cans. These shifts are from 7pm to 10pm or 7am to 10am. 

Apply to be a Hands-On-Owner

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