Member-Owner Application

As a consumer owned co-op, anyone who shops at the co-op can be part owner of our store.  People's is owned cooperatively by over 10,000 Member-Owners.  

A full PeopleShare is $180, good for life, and refundable at any time.  Many choose to split this up into payments of $30 a year for six years.  Please call the co-op if you'd like to find an alternative payment plan that fits your budget A PeopleShare is active for an entire household, though each PeopleShare is entitled to only one vote in our annual elections.

Make your initial investment below or in the store, and additional payments online at your leisure. It only takes a few minutes to get started.

Normally, folks signing up online can get their packets in the mail. But October is Co-op Month, so when you sign up to be a Member-Owner you get lots of fun prizes! You can read more about Co-op Month here. You'll get an email when with your new Member-Owner number when your packet is ready for you. It will take a few days. If you don't want to wait, feel free to come in and sign up in the store! If you need to get your Member-Owner packet in the mail, email 

If you'd like to start using your PeopleShare right away, you can always come into the store and invest at the register! Just check in with a cashier and someone will help you join the Co-op.  



We don't share your information with others. See our Privacy Policy for details.

Feel free to review our bylaws.