Here's your chance to support a great co-op startup

We just found out about a great startup co-op. It'll be a Transgendered Latina-led Worker Co-op, which will provide opportunities for trans women to own part of a business that provides beauty services throughout the New York City area. This is extra important, as transgendered people face high rates of discrimination in terms of getting jobs and assistance, and death rates are much higher for trans people than non-trans people. These statistics are even more stark for those trans people who are people of color.

This co-op is using the cooperative model just as it was intended: to bring more economic justice and stability to its owners. We hope this group's story inspires you as much as it inspired us.

"My name is Jennifer de la Cruz, and I am a leader in the fight for equality in the workplace for all LGBTQ immigrants in New York City and across the country.  And like most Americans, I believe that no one should be denied a job because of their gender identity or gender expression.  After enduring years of discrimination and unemployment, I am standing up for myself and my community to launch the first of its kind Trans-Latina Worker Cooperative– a historic worker-owned cooperative business that will provide professional beauty services throughout the NYC area."

Check out this link for more information.