Christine Deck, co-owner of Deck Family Farm shows us around and tell us about the struggles and rewards of being a small family farm. 

Christine Deck, co-owner of Deck Family Farm shows us around and tell us about the struggles and rewards of being a small family farm. 

By Jenna Chen, Marketing & Membership Manager

As you may have noticed after reading Part 1 of the Eggs-pose, People’s carries more eggs than just the three farms that we featured.  For the second part of the Eggs-pose, we feature our remaining egg vendors and finally, as a consumer, you can make a fully educated decision about which eggs to buy.  

Deck Family Farm 

Christine Deck and her husband John started cultivating 320 acres of land in Junction City, OR only 10 years ago.  What used to be a conventional livestock farm, they transformed into an organic oasis of open green pasture.  The animals and humans that live on this farm have a symbiotic relationship.  The humans rely on the animals as a source of income and sustenance and in return the animals receive the best care and most nourishing food.  

In addition to taking great care of the animals on their farm, Deck Family Farm is dedicated to using land in the most sustainable and efficient way possible. They put in a fence along Owens Creek, that runs along their property, to keep cattle from polluting the water and planted 50,000 trees, restoring the riparian corridor.  These actions help protect the natural habitats of the local water systems and allows Deck Family Farm to be Certified Salmon Safe.  

Deck Family Farm reminds me of how generations lived before cities grew and populations boomed.  They are a shining example that life outside the city can still exist, be profitable, and fulfilling.  Their beautiful farm employs 10 and is still growing.  They work to inspire our younger generations to continue to live off the land, use natural resources to survive, and be close to the food we eat.   Christine and John Deck are strong advocates for small farms and what it truly takes to produce good quality, local food.  Deck Family Farm has an open farm policy – they encourage customers to see where their food comes from.   Visit their website and be sure to call ahead before going – any day of the week except Sunday. 

Pleasant Valley Farm – NEW! 

Dustin Taylor, owner and farmer at Flying Cow Dairy in Oregon City (our newest milk supplier) is the one of the farmers behind Pleasant Valley Farm, our newest egg vendor.  Dustin had 700 laying hens on his farm, but because of the risk of cross-contamination between the laying hens and his grazing cattle, he gave his laying hens to his friend Cody, so the hens could stay healthy and keep laying eggs.  Dustin chooses not to be Certified Organic because he does not agree with some of the practices and regulations of the organic certification.  However, Dustin ensures that his practices are organic.  He sources all his grains from three local growers and all have been tested negative for GMOs. 

Steibrs Farm

Steibrs Farm is the largest of our egg suppliers.  They are primarily located in Yelm, WA.  Steibrs Farm spans over 1,000 acres and they keep over 500,000 laying hens and 120,000-200,000 chicks at a time.  They raise organic, non-organic, cage-free, and not cage-free eggs.  The only eggs we carry from this farm are the Certified Organic, Certified Humane by Humane Farm Animal Care and Non-GMO project verified, Omega-3 eggs. These hens are cage free and live primarily inside. Steibrs Farm is an example of how large scale farming can have a great affect on price.