Vendor Profile: Sopie Kouame of Belle Aglaia

Belle Aglaia: Skin Care Products Safe Enough to Eat

Sopie Kouame, the owner and founder of Belle Aglaia, believes that nature has the power to fulfill all of our basic skin care needs. Originally from the Ivory Coast, she grew up making balms and salves from foraged plants. With experience in the cosmetic industry and a child with eczema, she was inspired to start making her own lotions and salves. Her organic, all-natural face cream and hand and body lotion showcase natural ingredients that are high in anti-oxidants, the key ingredient necessary in preventing and repairing skin damage. She uses the natural healing properties of citrus, herbs, and spices to create a light but luscious product that hydrates and nourishes your skin. She maintains that every ingredient used in her products is safe enough to eat.

Sopie’s Skin Care Regime

  1. Wash - It’s important to wash your skin every day. The skin is our body’s first defense mechanism against pollutants in the air and is prone to sun damage, it is important to keep it clean.  Sopie recommends using an all-natural cleanser or try washing your face with tea, green or chamomile.
  2. Exfoliate – twice a week.  By removing dead skin cells from the surface, your skin will regenerate constantly, produce new cells, and create a firmer more wrinkle-resistant skin.
  3. Moisturize – your skin, just like your body, needs hydration.  Sopie’s face cream is specifically designed to penetrate your deep facial tissue and moisturize the cells.  
  4. Gentle Facial Massage – Sopie swears you’ll never need Botox with regular facial massages.  Use your palm to gently rub circles around your face.  Massage stimulates blood flow to the area, and keeps your facial muscles happy.   

You can find Sopie’s Face Cream and Hand and Body Lotion in our personal care aisle across from produce. Face cream and lotion come in two scents, Organic Youth and Timeless Time.  The price is $8.99 for 4 oz bottle.