Weekend of Resistance, Self Care + Community

I, for one, don't feel entirely prepared for this weekend. It would seem like I should have had plenty of time to prepare for the reality of Donald Trump's inauguration, but there are things that I thought would have happened by now. I thought I would have figured out what form my resistance would take these next four years: done more organizing, had more tough conversations, stood up more for people I care about, planned more ways for the People's community to gather around our Ends and talk about what they mean to each of us. 

But I still feel caught off guard that this — what the past few years of campaigning, the election, and month of appointments have been leading up to — is happening. 

Maybe you feel similarly unprepared. Maybe you are ready to stand up for your values. Maybe you're scared. Maybe you feel ambivalent. Or some combination of those, or none of them. 

However you feel or whatever this weekend is to you, we want the Co-op to be a resource. We've planned some events (find the details below!), are hosting round-up donation drives at the register for Unite Oregon, Planned Parenthood, and 350PDX, and are going to have free tea on hand all weekend. If you have ideas for how the Co-op can be a beacon of justice, hope and light in the years to come, please don't hesitate to be in touch with me. Just email sofie@peoples.coop. 

See you this weekend, at the Co-op, and perhaps in the streets, 

Sofie Sherman-Burton, Marketing + Membership Manager/Comanager


Round up at the register for Unite Oregon, which works to build a unified intercultural movement for justice across Oregon. People's will match donations up to $200.

Inauguration Day Meditation + Despacho Ceremony


Join us during the presidential inauguration, as we take this opportunity to sit in stillness and ceremony. Together we can use the chaos and unrest we feel on the planet, as a vehicle for great change.

In the ancient Andean traditions of Peru, a despacho is a ceremonial offering to Pachamama (Mother Earth) and spirit, or the organizing principles of the universe. You could perhaps think of it as a focused, formal way to "dispatch" or "ship" your prayers off to the powers that be.

The intention of this ceremony is for personal and collective healing. To bring us back into "Ayni" or a right relationship with all life. Using our gratitude to steer our collective journey in the direction of the greatest good for all. Everybody will have the opportunity to add their prayers to the Despacho (all the supplies will be provided). Afterwards Rami will take the despacho home to be burned in a fire ceremony. Come sit with us, and create some time in your day to just be. Free and open to all! RSVP on Facebook.

Lead by Rami Abu-Sitta, a Portland-based Shamanic practitioner, trained in the Incan healing tradition of the Andes by Alberto Villoldo Ph.D and The Four Winds Society. In his healing practice he works one-on-one with clients to help them correct toxic patterns, and release the energy of the past, so that they are free to move in a new direction.

Sign Making for These Times


Come make signs for the Women's March, other marching, your yard, your window, or any other sign needs that you have. Materials, snacks, and inspiration will be provided. You're certainly invited to bring your own sign materials and slogans, too. RSVP on Facebook. 


Round up at the register for Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette, which offers essential health care services in our region. People's will match donations up to $200.

Grounding Before the March


Before we hit the streets for the Women's March, let's take a moment to come together to center, ground, and use our infinitely powerful creative minds to affect change on psychic and energetic planes. We will visualize and send healing light, speak affirmations of protection, hold space for each other to share and process, and join our hands and voices in unified, improvised, cathartic, atonal song (it feels really good). This will be love-based, heart-centered magic, and our circle is open to all beings. Free and open to all! RSVP on Facebook. 

Lead by Johanna Warren, a local songwriter, Reiki master and herbalist. She is the founder and facilitator of the Portland chapter of Moon Church, a lunar coven of female, trans, queer and nonbinary people exploring and breathing new life into the archetype of the witch.


Round up at the register for 350PDX, which words to address the causes of climate disruption through justice-based solutions. People's will match donations up to $200.