Seed Exchange 1/13

Seed Exchange

Jan. 13, 5-8pm

Let's get together and share seeds for the 2016 growing season!

We thought we'd have our seed swap coincide with the People's Food Coop Farmer's Market. (It's a bit early for International Seed Swap Day on January 25.)

For the seed swap to go well, please do the following:

Bring seeds to offer into the swap. While we tend to focus primarily on vegetables, medicinals and other "functional" species, seeds for ornamentals are welcome too. Please make sure your seeds are labeled as to species and variety (and also open-pollinated vs. hybrid, if known). It would be great to know the location where the seeds were saved as well.  Please don't bring unknown seeds or seeds that are too old to germinate reliably. You could consider seeds that are more than 6 years old, too old. If your seeds are between 2-4 years old, we may want to combine them with other seeds for making seedballs.  

Bring containers to take seeds home in (small jars, empty seed packets, empty teabag packets, etc.) 

That's about it! Some masking tape, markers, and other useful tools for labeling seeds will be provided, but please feel free to bring your own too.

Feel free to share widely. The more the merrier!

(Note: The way the seed exchange will work: Seeds will be placed out on tables, by category, and we will observe the honor system. If you have unopened packets of seed that you would like to share part of, please separate out what you want to keep prior to coming. No GMO or fumigated seeds, please...) 

Volunteers are needed. Please contact queenbee@herbnwisdom.com directly if you are interested.

You can sign up online, or call the co-op to let us know your coming. But feel free to drop in as well, the more the merrier!