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Love Your Farmer

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Meet the farmers and producers that sell their fresh local produce and hand-crafted goods directly to our store.

The Co-op Provides

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We do what we can to help you afford and have access to our delicious selection of healthy, organic, vegetarian food.

Take Action

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Engage in our efforts to support cooperative economies, sustainable food production, and social justice.



community room & co-op events



Healthy Holiday Treats!

Saturday, 11/8, 2-4pm

People's Food Co-op Community Room

Learn how to whip up quick, simple holiday desserts that are creative, delicious and elegant. These treats are perfect to impress your family at a holiday potluck!

In this class we will make and eat the following:

- Vegan, Paleo Cashew Macaroon filled with cranberry compote and Enlightened Cranberry Mousse

- Parfaits with a raw crust, layered with Enlightened Crème and fresh fruit

- Tarts filled with Enlightened Pumpkin Mousse and garnished with a cinnamon stick and fresh grated nutmeg.

These amazing desserts are sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, soy free and the parfait is also nut free, but they are not free of flavor or texture.The only tools you will need to create these treats are a food processor or blender and measuring utensils.

Call People's to register: 503.232.9051.