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People's Farmers' Market

YEAR-ROUND,  every Wednesday 2-7pm

April 1, 2015



No market this week...APRIL FOOLS! Of course we'll be open, because we love you and want to feed you delicious foods!

Questions, comments, concerns? Email Ashley Todd, the Farmers' Market Coordinator. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

market notes


  • Dragonfly Forge will be here this week to sharpen up your dull knives & tools. Bring your blades down & give 'em some love!
  • Ammie's Goodies is away this week. Come by next week for tasty GF treats!
  • MC Farms is back from vacation, with all their beautiful fresh flowers and spring veggies.
  • No chocolate this week -- Kilikina's Chocolat will be with us again next week though. Yum!
  • Gales Meadow is taking the week off. They'll be back next week with loads of organic starts.

Music at the Market -- Starting THIS Week! Stop by between 2 & 3 to hear the sci-fi-folk-rock stylings of Garden Goat, or between 5 & 6 to mellow out with some of Will Dudley's African harp music.

Interested in playing at the market? Please email for booking information.

We Love You OGC and Farmers' Market Fund!Thanks so much to Organically Grown Company for their generous donation, and to FMF for generously donating their 2014 Give!Guide earnings to our SNAP Matching program!

market news

Debit/Credit and EBT at the Market Use your debit, credit or EBTcard at the market! No more waiting in line in the co-op for cash! Want to use your card, have questions or just curious? Head to the info booth and we’ll tell you all about it.

SNAP Matching Program continues...with your help!
Since August 2013, People's has been providing EBT customers with up to $5 in matching tokens every week for use at the Farmers' Market. Funding is confirmed for 2015, but in order to help us keep this program going we are asking for your help. If you'd like to know more about the program or how you can make a donation, stop by the info booth.

who's here this week

* indicates Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth or WSDA


  • Crooked Furrow
  • Farmageddon*
  • Flying Onion
  • Fraga Farmstead Creamery*
  • Gee Creek
  • Great River
  • MC Farms
  • The Mushroomery*
  • Naked Acres
  • Obrist Family Farm
  • Rising Stone

    Prepared Foods and Other Services:

  • Cultured Bean
  • Dragonfly Forge
  • Home Grown Food Products
  • Obon PDX
  • Pie to the People
  • Sara's Tamales
  • Tabor Bread
  • Three Sisters Nixtamal

  • what's fresh this week

    • asparagus
    • beets
    • bok choy
    • braising greens
    • carrots
    • chard
    • cilantro
    • collard greens
    • eggs
    • fresh flowers
    • goat cheese
    • hazelnuts & hazelnut butter
    • heirloom dried beans
    • honey
    • joy choi
    • kale
    • leeks
    • medicinal herbs & tinctures
    • mushrooms: shiitakes, hedgehogs, and more
    • mustard greens
    • onions
    • potatoes
    • raabs
    • radishes
    • rhubarb
    • salad greens
    • sorrel
    • spinach
    • sunchokes
    • winter squash

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