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Become a Member-Owner

The Member-Owners

Shoppers at People's Co-op have the opportunity to turn their support into a commitment by investing in a share of the co-op, known around here as a PeopleShare. PeopleShares are a refundable investment that create equity.  Equity keeps People's financially healthy and better poised for future store changes, development projects and growth.

A Member-Owner is more than a consumer! Member-Ownership at People's is an investment in the cooperative economy, local farms and businesses, living wages for workers, and in organic and sustainable food production methods.

Unlike corporations that allocate more voting power to larger investors, co-ops equalize the playing field by allowing one share and one vote per Member-Owner.

Member-Owner Benefits

Patronage Dividend

As a Member-Owner, you can get back a percentage of the money you spend at People's over the course of a year.  When we have a profit at the end of the year, our Board of Directors determines what can be returned to the Member-Owners while sustaining a healthy cooperative.  To read more about the patronage dividend system, click here.

True Democracy

Vote in annual Board of Directors elections and on broad scale issues - you can run for the board too.  Don't forget, you own it!

Opportunity to Participate

We have a unique Hands-On-Owner program where you can work in the store and we thank you for your effort with a discount as high as 15%.  Talk to your cashier for more info.

Free Community Room Classes

Great instructors teach yoga six times a week, tai chi twice per week, and myriad other cooking, gardening, and wellness classes throughout the year in a People's Community Room.  Pick up our monthly Community Room calendar in the store or check it out here.

Supporting Business Discounts

Discounts at various participating businesses including restaurants, bike shops, and health care providers.

A Better Prosperity Through Cooperation

By becoming a Member-Owner of People's you strengthen the Cooperative economy movement, sustainable business practices, local food systems, and worker collectives.

Special Discounts and Mailings to Your Home

Recieve Member only mailers to obtain discounts in the store, coupons on products, newsletters and all co-op related mailings throughout the year.

Excellent Buying Guidelines

Healthy shopping is easier at People's. We buy local and organic whenever possible. No artificial flavors, preservatives or colors, no trans-fats - we read all the labels so you don't have to. Read our complete guidelines online.

INVEST - Join the Co-op


*You invest in a PeopleShare to become a Member - Owner of the co-op. Everyone is welcome to invest in the co-op. People's is owned cooperatively by over 6000 Member-Owners. Since we function as a democracy, each individual owns one share and one vote.

*A PeopleShare is a refundable investment of $180, payable in installments of as little as $30 per year.*

* Talk to your cashier to find a payment plan that fits your budget.

*Make your initial investment at the register, and additional payments on line at your leisure. It only takes a few minutes to get started, and your cashier can answer any questions for you.  Once active, you can make additional investments here, on our website!


As a Member-Owner of People's Food Co-op you are investing in a business model that supports local farmers, artisan food producers, fair trade and human cooperation! We are not only cooperatively owned, but we are also cooperatively managed. This means that our staff works together in a non-hierarchical team structure to run your store. People's is committed to providing our community with an independent source of high-quality and ethically-produced food at affordable prices. This makes People's a great place to work and a great place to shop. As a Member-Owner of the co-op, you and your household enjoy many benefits. Your investment in a PeopleShare builds the equity that helps keep People's financially healthy. Please let us know how we can make the co-op even better - after all, you own it!

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