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Applications & Guidelines

Are you interested in becoming a vendor at People's Year-Round Farmers' Market?

We are currently accepting applications for a prepared food/beverage vendor* and a weekly farmer-vendor for our farmers market.

People's has strict production guidelines for all vendors, so before requesting an application, please read the market guidelines. If you feel that your farm or product meets these qualifications, please email the Farmers' Market Coordinator for an application.

Or if you are a customer interested in what criteria we use to choose our producers, below is a summary of our market guidelines and mission.

*Please note, all prepared foods must be prepared and packaged in a commercially certified kitchen. Absolutely no products prepared in an uncertified home kitchen are permitted at market. For the complete ODA licensing requirements, please click here.

People’s Farmers’ Market offers our customers high quality, locally grown produce fresh from the field that is grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, insecticides, or pesticides.

Our Mission

1) To provide local growers an outlet for the farm-direct sale of fresh, quality produce that is both sustainably and locally grown.

2) To encourage a relationship between individuals and their local food economy.

2015  Growing Guidelines

Product Criteria

  • Farmers must give the market manager advance notice and wait for approval if they would like to be purchase a product to bring to market for sale. Products brought without permission will not be allowed to be sold.
  • All products must be grown, produced or collected in Oregon or Washington.
  • All products must be grown in a manner consistent with USDA National Organic Program standards, or in good faith, without the use of chemical fertilizers, insecticides, or pesticides.
  • All vendors must submit a complete list of products they are planning to sell at time of application. Any additional products not listed on the initial application, must first be approved by the market coordinator before being allowed at the market.
  • Wildcrafted products are permitted, if known to be free of applied substances.
  • Hydroponic is not permitted.
  • Prepared food must be locally made from scratch in a certified kitchen. All ingredients must be sustainably and locally grown. Non-local ingredients must be disclosed and will be considered at the time of application. Food must be prepared and served by employees with current food handler’s cards. Product must be made by, or under the direction of, the vender him/herself.
  • Herbalists must grow or wildcraft 75% of their own herbs. In keeping with the mission of the market, 75% of herbal products must be edible and be made predominantly with ingredients that are sustainably and locally grown.
  • Farmers who farm in the city must test for lead on each piece of land they farm. Lead concentrations must be lower than 250ppm and placed on file with the market manager.

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