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Social Justice and Equity Working Group

Diversity and Anti-Oppression Statements


The Social Justice and Equity Working Group are using the following document/s to guide us in this important work.

People’s Food Co-op is committed to further integrating the principles of Diversity and Anti-oppression at the co-op. The Co-management has a committee dedicated to this important work so that we may facilitate these values on an operational level. As part of that work the Co-op has also adopted the following statements guiding our work in this area.

Diversity Committee Mission:

To support the Co-op's strategic plan to increase diversity by developing and advising the Co-op on policy, systems and procedures to create an environment that fosters diversity, combats oppression and addresses issues of privilege in the Co-op.

Diversity Statement:

People’s Food Cooperative appreciates and welcomes all people with their unique and diverse experiences. Our doors are open, and members of the community are accepted at whatever level of participation suits their needs. We strive to make participation accessible to anyone interested.

Anti-Oppression Statement:

People’s Food Cooperative recognizes that issues of privilege and oppression exist in society, both socially and institutionally. We are committed to actively identifying these issues within the Co-op and embracing diversity. Through education and advocacy, we work to create safe and accessible space that values and builds tolerance and acceptance for all. We encourage customers with needs or concerns that are not being met to ask a staff member for support.

Hate-Free Zone:

People's Food Co-op property is a Hate-Free Zone. We are committed to preserving an environment that honors the diversity of our community. Violence and harassment of any kind based on one's age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, national origin, mental or physical ability will not be tolerated. Violence or threat of violence based on the above discriminations will be treated as hate crimes and reported to the police immediately. Involving the police will hopefully improve the options for the individual against which the violence was directed. While we prefer to avoid involving the police in most instances, when violence arises and one or more individual's safety is at risk, this is the best option we have.

If you are interested in providing feedback about how we can make the Co-op welcoming to a more diverse community please feel free to send input to info@peoples.coops

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