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Patronage Dividend System

What is the Patronage Dividend system?

The Patronage Dividend System is based on individual Member-Owner patronage (in other words, how much a Member-Owner spends) & the net profit of the co-op as a whole.


  • If you are a member-owner, the co-op tracks how much you spend throughout the year*.
  • If the store makes a profit, the co-op will generally return a percentage of your yearly spending to you.
  • The amount of the dividend is based on what People's Board of Directors believes will provide the greatest long-term value for our Member-Owners.

    It is possible that the Board of Directors may choose not to issue a patronage dividend in some years, though this is very, very rare. To date, patronage dividends have been distributed every year.

    *your information is always protected by our privacy policy



  • Our cashiers will ask for you Member-Owner number when checking out.  This allows us to track your purchases.
  • Please notify us if your mailing address or the name of the primary shareholder changes.  We will mail Patronage vouchers to the address we have on file for you. Email to update your information.
  • Your Member-Owner share must be “active,” (not on-hold) for your purchases to be tracked toward your dividend.  We send reminder letters if you are coming close to needing to pay towards your share.  You can invest in your share online here.
  • When will I receive my Patronage Dividend?

    You should receive your Patronage Dividend in the mail in June or July of each year.  It will be based on your purchases from the prior year.  For example: you will receive the 2012 dividend voucher in the summer of 2013.  Patronage dividends are distributed with People’s Annual Report and Annual Meeting materials. Vouchers will be sent to the primary shareholder.

    What do I do if I didn’t receive my Patronage Dividend?

  • Request a Re-Issue Request Form from any cashier in the store. (If you have moved, and need one mailed to you, please call the store or email Marketing and Membership Services).  Once completed, we will send you a check for the balance owed.  Allow 4-6 weeks for this process.
  • How do I use it?

    PURCHASES: use your voucher at the register towards your purchases.

    CHECK: send your voucher to the store and we will send you a check by mail within 6 weeks.

    DONATE: donate your patronage to the People's Cooperative Community Fund.

    INVEST: invest your voucher towards your PeopleShare to reach the full share cost of $180, or to invest up the maximum amount of $300.


    If you have questions about your Patronage Dividend, please email Marketing and Membership Services at

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