Elections are here! But why vote?

Earlier this spring, I turned in my ballot for the Oregon Primary. My 17 year-old daughter (on the verge of being able to vote herself!) asked if I had ever missed the opportunity to vote.  No, I proudly responded... but I realized quickly that this answer only applies to state and national elections. When given the opportunity to vote for something like the Board of Directors at People’s, I am much less likely to vote.   Hmmm... feeling a little less proud now.

Yes, national and state elections are important, but People’s is also important on a local scale.  People’s provides our local food providers with a place to offer their goods; the neighborhood a human sized store, year-round farmer’s market and meeting space; and the community a chance to be not just a shopper, but also a Member-Owner.  Keeping People’s thriving is to keep many others thriving as well.  And a healthy, thriving People’s needs a healthy, thriving board.

Taking a few minutes to read about the candidates and casting a vote is a way each of us Member-Owners can show our appreciation for what People’s provides for us and our community.  It also might bring us one step closer to appreciating the employees and Hands-On-Owners who give tirelessly each month so the rest of us can have this gem of a grocery store in our neighborhood.  For me, I needed the question from my daughter to reset my attention between large-scale national politics and small-scale local efforts.  Each election is truly important in its own way, and by participating in both, I find myself feeling just a little more proud.

- Member-Owner Ellen Weeks