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People's Co-op Ownership

You own it!

As a Member - Owner of People's Food Co-op you are investing in a business model that supports local farmers, artisan food producers, fair trade and human cooperation.  We are not only cooperatively owned, but we are also collectively managed.  This means that our staff works together in a non-heirarchical team structure to run your store.  people's is committed to providing our community with an independent source of high quality and ethically produced food at affordable prices. This makes People's a great place to work and a great place to shop.


As a Member - Owner of the co-op you and your household enjoy many more benefits - see the Benefits & Incentives of Co-op Ownership page to read more.  Co-op shares (we call them PeopleShares) cost $180 for a lifetime share. Most people pay this off $30 per year for 6 years. Your investment in a PeopleShare builds the equity that helps keep People's financially healthy.

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